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March 16, 2020 10 min read

Some of My Top Picks for Toddler Room Decor

Hey, hey hey! Hi everyone! So while we're all doing our part to self quarantine and have all this glorious time on our hands, how about we do something that we've been meaning to do for a long time but haven't started yet? Decorating your toddlers room! So let's talk toddler room decor.

I admit, while my 6 year olds big boy room is completely decked out and well thought out, my little ones toddler room is not.  We've sort of just starting adding to his nursery room and taking away from his nursery room but never actually thought it out and started doing anything cohesive with it. So it's kind of like a quasi toddler room right now. So I wanted to show and share with you some of the things that we have tried and some that we're still thinking about for toddler room decor ideas.

I am going to try my hardest to pick toddler room decor and accent pieces that are not theme specific so that way you can incorporate with any theme you already have in mind.  Pieces that are not really theme specific are also more likely to last several years as oppose to just last through one phase of their life-- the toddler room phase. So these are my universal picks for great ideas for toddler room decor:

1.  Lights for Kids Rooms:

Adorable lights for kids room and fun lighting for toddler bedroom decor ideas.

So one of my things, for those that know me personally, is that I love to have lighting in any space that my boys are in. Lights for kids rooms is essential in my book.  Fun lighting for kids room are even more essential. I use these particular ones not just in their bedrooms but also in their play spaces. They're great as nightlights or to just add a whimsical vibe to any space. AND you obviously know I love anything custom ( duh, our custom wall letters) so I love these lights by Bright Lab Lights. You can choose from one of their predesigned sets ( sounds just like our House of Crazi letters!) or create your own color strand. This is an excellent choice for any toddler room and we love Bright Lab Lights.

Fun String lighting used in a boys outdoor tent play space for toddler room decor.Fun colorful string lighting draped around the top of a canvas tent for boys playroom decor.


2.  Plush Animal Heads:


Plush animal Dino head for toddler room decor.


I must admit that I already have several of these plush animal heads for my 6 year olds room! I absolutely love them and they can go all the way from the nursery phase to beyond the toddler room phase.  I don't think my 6 year old is anywhere near getting ready to get rid of his plush animal heads and he's had his since he was born as well as my little one which makes them great investment pieces. You can find this plush animal head HERE. You can also find other cute ones like this lion animal head HERE:

Adorable plush animal lion head for toddler room decor ideas.

or this adorable plush animal sheep one HERE:

Adorable wall mounted animal plush sheep head for toddler boy room ideas.


3.  Hanging Bedroom Chairs:

Boho chic hanging bedroom rattan chair for toddler room ideas.

 I LOVE the thought of hanging adorable rattan chairs from the ceiling for toddlers bedroom. You can pick fun colors for the pillows and cushions that compliment your toddlers room decor. There are so many adorable hanging bedroom chairs but I particularly love the rattan ones. I love that they're super easy to clean and durable. Not only is it functional but they are so aesthetically pleasing that I can see these hanging bedroom chairs lasting well into high school which can help justify the cost for your toddler room decor because these can get pricey. You can find this hanging bedroom chair HERE but there's tons of less expensive alternatives like this macrame swing below:

Boho chic hanging bedroom chair swing for toddler room decor.

You can find this alternative HERE.

4. Toddler Room Storage

Finding cute and practical toddler room storage is such a big deal and get's even bigger the older they get. I love these modular storage bins for toddler room storage from overstock and you can find these HERE:

Toddler room storage ideas with modular cubbies in different colors.

 We have some of these in my little one's nursery/toddler room.  You can stack them however you'd like and arrange them as needed which is great for toddler room storage! Make sure you get them with wall anchors and stacking attachments so they won't fall off or tip over. Don't worry, most of them automatically provide them and come with each order. They actually hold a lot! It's something that I see him using well into middle school so the investment in something like this I feel is worth it.  Don't forget you can also get large wall initials for your toddler at House of Crazi HERE.  

If your budget will allow for it, you can also find other toddler storage bin alternatives  like this one HERE which I'm head over heals from Pottery Barn Kids. This is one storage solution that if it had been in my budget at the time (because I feel to get the most use out of it you should probably had invested in it while they were still babies in their nurseries) I would have totally bought it!

Pottery barn storage ideas for toddler room decor ideas.


 5.  Name Letters

Now come on. You knew it was coming right :) Of course we'd recommend our own name letters here at House of Crazi and I'll show you our top two best selling name letters for both boys and girls.

First up is our famous LUKE name letters that have been used in every kind of nursery (and celebrity nurseries) you can imagine to include restaurants, offices, home decor, and sport complexes. You can find our name letters on our website HERE.

Custom name letters spelling out Luke in silver, navy, and white.

And you can see lifestyle shots of our name letters here:

Baby boy modern nursery name letters spelling out Pax.

Coastal nursery name letters spelling out Ryan.

Boy nursery room custom wall name letters spelling out Drew.

Our other insanely popular name letters is our Henry listing and you can find our name letters on our website HERE:

Custom name letters spelling out Henry in navy, silver, and grey.

And here are some lifestyle shots of our name letters:

Boys nursery wall name letters spelling out Parker.

Boy nursery decor and custom name letters spelling out Jett.

Camping themed nursery with custom wall name letters spelling out Liam.

Custom wall name letters spelling out Wells in a rustic industrial nursery.

And now on to the girls! Our number one seller for girls name letters are our Naomi custom wall letter color combo and you can find them HERE:

Girls nursery room custom wall name letters spelling out Naomi.

Here are some lifestyle shots of our Naomi name letters:

Adorable little girl in her big girl room with custom wall name letters spelling out her name Paisley.

Girls name letters sign spelling out Lennon in a baby nursery.

Another customer favorite are our rose gold name letters and you can find them HERE on our website.

Rose gold pink custom wall name letters spelling out Lola.

Here's a lifestyle picture of our rose gold name letters in this ballerina nursery:

Girls ballerina nursery room with custom wall name letters in rose gold.

 6.  Chalkboard Wall Ideas:

Chalkboard wall ideas for toddler room decor.

This chalkboard wall is one that I'm literally on the verge of doing. I'm a creative at my core and I believe that children are just balls of imagination. I love giving my kids a way to be able to express themselves and I think a chalkboard wall is a great idea!  I love being able to change up the themes whenever I want. How fun would it be to do a United States map one day and then a solar system wall the next with colorful chalk. So cute!

Here's a tip: If you add a layer of magnetic paint underneath your chalkboard wall then you can also have both a chalk wall and a magnetic board. Brilliant! 

7.  Canopy Ideas for Bedroom

Girls canopy bedroom ideas for toddler room decor.

Yessss. Don't worry! Boy mommas I got you! I have an alternative down below. If I had a girl I would totally be doing this and what's great about it is that there's SOOO many canopy ideas for bedrooms online and on Pinterest. You can buy actual canopy curtains designed for specific bed styles, ones that hang from the ceiling, or do a DIY like this one in the picture. I personally love the DIY ones because you can include more fabric (and better quality fabric than what normally comes in the ready made ones) and can be more "drapey". There are so many canopy ideas of kids bedrooms to choose from online without leaving the comfort of your home.

My boy alternative is actually more like a bed but trust me when I say that it's a complete jaw dropper for anyone who ever sees it in person. My six year old has it in his room and he's in love with it. We hung string lights around the interior of it and it's the perfect nightlight for his room and makes him feel like he's camping out every night. It's definitely an investment piece and I don't see this being changed out anytime soon. You can find it HERE.

Camping tent bed ideas for toddler boy room ideas.

8. Kids Wall Art

What's a toddler room without a little bit of wall art? So I'm a huge fan of Andrea Doss's artwork.  I had about 8 of her kids wall art prints in my oldest sons room and even now that he has a bit more say in what he likes in his room, he still insists on keeping 3 of them. The rest have been handed down to my youngest son for his toddler room and he is absolutely in love with them and I am too. Her wall art pieces are whimsical, ignites the imagination, encourages and fosters pretend play and all that good stuff. Here are a few of my favorites for kids wall art but you must visit her Etsy shop HERE and see the rest of her amazing artwork.

If you see one you love make sure you snap it up. I bought some adorable wall art pieces 6-7 years ago and she no longer offers a few of them now so don't miss out!

Kids room art wall with an alligator in the ocean and a boat and house on top of its head for toddler room ideas.

Kids wall art with a bear playing music with a bunny rabbit by a campfire for toddler room ideas.

Kids wall art showcasing a rhino and a little boy on a boy in the ocean for art decor for toddler room ideas.

Kids wall art showing a princess and a dragon having a tea party for art wall ideas for toddler rooms.

Kids wall art picturing a dragon with fairy wings wall art for toddler room ideas.

Kids wall art picturing a whale in the ocean holding up a small island with a house on top for art ideas for toddler room ideas.

Kids wall art picturing a bear fishing in the ocean for kids wall art and toddler room ideas.

An alternative to the above kids wall art prints is the Animal Print Shop.  There's tons of knock off's in Home Goods, Etsy, and many other shops but none compare in quality to the OG. We had several of these for my firstborns nursery and the only reason it wasn't my number one pick for kids wall art is because I felt it was very limited to nursery rooms. It was the first thing to leave my son's nursery when we changed it over to a toddler room style (at my son's request because if it had been up to me I would have kept it up forever because they're so adorable). You can find them HERE.

Kids wall art showing an adorable baby lamp picture for toddler room decor.

Kids wall art picturing a baby giraffe for baby nursery room decor and for toddler room ideas.

Kids wall art picturing a baby duck for toddler room ideas.

9.  Kids Floor Cushions

So whether it's floor cushions for the kiddos to pull up and sit or for you to pull up and sit on while you read to them at the end of the night, either way these kids floor cushions is a must have in my book! We use our floor cushions and/or poufs for almost anything and here are some of my favorites floor cushions for kids:

Kids shabby chic floor cushion and pouf for toddler room ideas.

I love the boho chic feel of this kids floor pouf cushion and it can really go in so many different spaces. It's a great way to add some non permanent texture to your toddlers room. I'd honestly use it for myself in my office or in the living room too! You can find this kids floor cushion HERE.

Kids floor pouf and cushion in a vintage leather fabric for toddler boys room ideas.

What's not to love about this piece! This kids floor pouf is leather so the durability check mark is there. This floor pouf has a gorgeous vintage feel that would go well with so many different room themes. It's perfectly modern, rustic, and vintage all in one! You can find this kids floor pouf HERE.

Kids floor cushion in pink for toddler room decor.

Boy mommas! Don't worry! They have other colors too for this kids floor cushion and you can find these HERE. I have about two of these floor cushions in different colors for my boys playroom. I probably use these floor cushions more than they do, lol! They are soft and super comfortable!

 10. Kids Night Lights 

 I love that at this age there's still a need for some extra lighting.  Our babies are still babies after all and I love that! Besides hanging some string lighting in their room (see #1), I still usually add a night light for that dark corner of the room that the light never seems to hit.

I usually alternate between a night light on some nights and the ceiling star monitor which I'll show down below.  Nothing warms my heart more as a mom than walking by their rooms at night and peaking in and being able to see them so sweet and tucked in thanks to the light provided by these kids night lights. It also makes me feel good knowing that if they get out of bed at night they're not surrounded by darkness and there's enough light in there for them to see that everything is still safe in their little world (I know, I know, but that's the kind of mom I am :) Here we go:

Restoration hardware kids night lights for toddler room decor.

I have about 6 of these kids night lights and I have had them for about 6 years now and they're still going strong! I usually rotate between them and when they're not in use I just take out the cords from the bottom (totally easy to do) and just use them as decorative pieces.

These kids night lights run through about a bulb a month but it gives off such a soft yellow warm light that does the perfect trick! My 6 year old will usually have his string lighting inside his tent bed (see #7) and about two of these kids night lights in opposite sides of his room.  It sounds like a lot of lighting but it actually isn't. It's the perfect amount of light and it gives off such a warm cozy feel! I've experimented with a TON of kids night lights and these are the best that I've found in terms of the perfect amount of lighting.  You can find these kids night lights HERE.

As for my other son, he loves his star night light/projector:

Kids night light and star projector for toddler room decor.

My little one loves this and goes to sleep to it every night! It doubles as a kids night light and star projector and casts stars into the ceiling and rotates slowly. You can set the timer to turn off after however many minutes you'd like (it caps out at 999 minutes) and you can choose from several different colors. You can also choose to not have it rotate on the ceiling for those that don't like the effect.

My son loves the blue lighting, the white lighting, and there's one preset of lights that I call Christmas lighting because it's a mixture between red, blue, white, and green. I will say that we've had this kids night light and star projector for one year and it finally conked out on us but he loves it so much, and honestly at that price point, we didn't have any problem buying another. You can purchase it HERE.

So there you have it! Those are some of my ideas (and some through actual use and trial and error) for toddler room decor.  Let me know what you think and leave a comment!  As a side note, I have found some amazing pieces for a boys pirate room and dinosaur room if you guys are interested. If you are, just comment down below or send me a message at contact@houseofcrazi.com and I'll be glad to pass along the fruits of my VERY long and laborious research for those two themes courtesy of my little one. See ya next time!

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