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July 15, 2019 2 min read

What's in a Name?


I always get asked how I came up with House of Crazi.  House of Crazi isn't necessarily a name or a thing as it is more of a concept or an idea that we stand behind.

A tale as old as time.

Think about it. As women, if we show emotion, we're called "dramatic." If we get angry, we're deemed "hysterical", "hormonal", or "crazy." If we do anything out of the norm of what's socially acceptable, we're "delusional" and, again, labeled as "crazy." From women being sent to insane asylums or nunneries anytime she stepped outside of what other's wanted her to be and how to behave... crazy. 

Strong women that defined history.       

Margaret Wilcox, one of the few female mechanical engineers in the 1800's... labeled crazy by her peers. She invented the first car heater AND the first washing machine.

Strong women in history.       


Josephine Garis, a wealthy housewife in the early 1800's who loved creating and inventing. Labeled crazy by everyone who couldn't imagine why a wealthy housewife would want to do anything but socialize. She is credited for mainstreaming and inventing the dishwasher. 

A woman running a marathon, crazy. A woman boxing was considered crazy. A woman playing in the NBA... crazy. 

Joan of Arc, Jane Austen, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, Amelia Earhart... crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy, and crazy.

House of Crazi was borne out of this belief that women can do anything. It stands for women empowerment. Women supporting women. Women believing in women. Women inspiring women. 

My name is Nancy and I'm the CEO, creator, visionary, and designer of House of Crazi.  I'm also a veteran, mom of two young boys, and wife to a loud mouthed Texan. I'm extremely stubborn, idealistic, determined, "emotional", "dramatic", and a force to reckoned with. People told me I was crazy for leaving my job as an Attorney and doing something I love so I can stay at home with my kids. House of Crazi is now featured in Better Homes & Gardens, Twitters Corporate Headquarters, Martha Stewart, Parenting Magazine, Several Major Motion Films like Creed II, the LA Dodgers, a major cosmetics brand, and numerous major hotels and restaurants around the United States. And we're just getting started.

As women, let's never let anyone else determine our own self worth except for ourselves.

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