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Camping Themed Nursery Letters

Our camping themed nursery letters are perfect for any boys wall decor! You can use these nursery letters for what we original created them for which was for a camping themed nursery. However, our clients have ordered them for nautical themed nurseries, adventure nursery themes, ocean theme nurseries, and travel themed nurseries. These nursery letters can really fit into any nursery wall decor.

How to Order our Nursery Letters:

Simply select how many nursery letters you'd like from the drop down menu and enter the name you'd like in the text box directly below the drop down menu.


    Freestanding Letter Exceptions:

    All custom wall letters are freestanding EXCEPT for the common culprits like the “P” and “F’s”. 

    Letter colors: Royal blue/navy, orange, white


    Real nails are used so please supervise and use caution. These are not toys and are for decorative purposes only.

    Nursery Letter Pattern:

    The pattern on these custom wall letters are created and repeated as shown.

    Approximate Dimensions:

    12” High | 7-9” Wide | 1.5” Thick

    Measurements listed are per letter.

    Hanging Details:

      Our custom wall letters do not come with hanging hooks to allow a cleaner look for those that wish to display these as freestanding.

      These camping themed nursery letters can easily be hung using command tape/strips.

      Please click HERE to see how we apply the command strips and please click HERE  to see a video demonstration on how we hang them.

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