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Play Sign

We love our play sign for boys playroom decor! We created this play sign with fun and varied textures for added visual appeal. The colors used in our play sign were purposely kept neutral and then we added a cooler toned blue to break up the neutrality. 

How to Order Our Play Sign:

Simply select the size that you'd like for your play sign from the drop down menu.

    Freestanding Exceptions:

    The P is not freestanding in any size but all other letters are in the 8" tall and 12" tall sizes. In larger sizes, like in our 16" tall and 2 feet tall letters, many will not be freestanding since the larger letters are intended to be used primarily for wall hanging.

    Designer Tip: If you wish to free stand our letters, many of our wedding buyers have cut command strips down to size and adhered them to the base of the letter or used tacky putty on the bottom to free stand them.

    Letter colors:  silver/brown, blue, silver, white/beige.

    Approximate Dimensions:

    Measurements listed are per letter.

    12” High | 7.7-9” Wide | 1.5” Thick

    8" High | 5.5" Wide | 1" Thick

    16" High | 9-10" Wide | 1.5" Thick

    Good Things Come to Those That Wait:

    Our turnaround is 2 weeks from the date of purchase because we hand paint each and every letter purchased. If you purchase our larger 16" or 24" tall letters there may an additional 1 week delay.

    How to Hang Our Play Sign:

      Our play signs do not come with hanging hooks to allow a cleaner look for those that wish to display these as freestanding for your boys playroom decor.

      This play sign can easily be hung using command tape/strips but you can also easily attach sawtooth hangers or picture hangers if you'd prefer.

      Please click HERE to see how we apply the command strips and please click HERE to see a video demonstration on how we hang them.


      We use nails for our play sign so please inspect each letter before and during use and please remember that our letters are not toys and should be used as decorative decor only.

      Need to go back to the home page? No problem! Click HERE  and view the rest of our custom wall letters.

      Materials Used:  

      You can read more about what materials HERE. Please remember that we do not use wooden letters or metal letters here at House of Crazi. Our branding focuses on safer alternatives.