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White Industrial Letters

We cannot say enough great things about our white industrial letters. It's the perfect mixture of rustic and industrial and our customers love them for everything under the sun. We've seen our white industrial letters used for aviation nurseries, explorer themed nursery rooms, camping themed nursery rooms, farmhouse kitchen decor, farmhouse bath decor, and more!

How To Create Your Own Custom Wall Letter Design:

If you'd like to order just one white industrial letter then simply select the size you'd like from the drop down menu and the letter or ampersand sign (&) and add to cart and begin the check out process.

If you'd like to order several of these white industrial letters or if you'd like one of these to add to several other different style of letters to create your own unique custom wall letter combination then simply add each letter you'd like to your cart, one by one, and begin the check out process once you've completed your creation. 

To head back to our "create your own sign" section to add more styles to your design to finish your name or word simply click HERE.

    Freestanding Letter Exceptions:

    All white industrial letters are freestanding EXCEPT for the common culprits like the “P” and “F’s” in the 8" and 12" size. In the 16" and 24" size, most are not likely be able to stand on their own since they are intended to hung on the wall.

    Approximate Dimensions:

    8" High | 5.5" Wide | 1" Thick

    12” High | 7.7-9” Wide | 1.5” Thick

    16" High | 9-10" Wide | 2" Thick

    24"High | 12-15" Wide | 2.5" Thick

    Our Turnaround Times:

    Every white industrial letter is handmade to order so our turnaround is 2 weeks from the date of purchase.

    How to Hang Our White Industrial Letters:

      Our custom wall letters do not come with hanging hooks to allow a cleaner look for those that wish to display these as freestanding if applicable.

      These white industrial letters can easily be hung using command tape/strips but you can also easily attach sawtooth hangers or picture hangers if you'd prefer.

      Please click HERE to see how we apply the command strips and please click HERE to see a video demonstration on how we hang them.

      Our Materials Used:  

      You can read more about what materials we use HERE. Please remember that we do not use wooden letters or metal letters here at House of Crazi. All our letters are made out of a durable formulation of paper mache (not paper but paper mache).  Our branding and the foundation of House of Crazi focuses on safer alternatives.